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Jerry's new busYosemite & Beyond came about when the owner decided he needed “a retirement hobby”. He’d never golfed, been into woodworking, etc., but from youth enjoyed traveling, mainly throughout the United States. He had been coming to Yosemite for over 40 years. After moving to the mountains his love of Yosemite grew deeper and upon his retirement Yosemite & Beyond was born. When he decided to become a guide, to share Yosemite with others (not just his family and friends), he realized how much more there was to Yosemite than just the scenic beauty. Little known facts, places, history.

Yosemite & Beyond prefers small groups, our tour guide/specialists don’t “come to work” they fulfill their passion to share this special Park called Yosemite. The company got its name with the help of a friend who said “you go “beyond” in your service and expectations and you go “beyond” Yosemite. Whether it be a tour of Yosemite, gold country, local vintners, agriculture, gardens or customized we will entertain and educate you on this fascinating and diverse area.

We look forward to seeing you in the area soon!

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My husband, daughter and I had booked a tour through Amtrack Vacations. We didn’t know what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised. Your tour guide, Keith, is AWESOME! He showed up early and met all our needs and beyond our expectations. He is to be commended for his knowledge. – Susan Hunter

I just wanted to thank you once again, for the fantastic tour you provided my family (Suzanne, Danielle, Michael and I) on August 28, 2007. Jerry, you have a gift, your ability to guide a tour as well as your passion for Yosemite National Park is incredible. I will always remember “the smell of the trees”. I am glad I had the chance to meet you based on a referral from a friend (Peter Anderson). I can’t stop thinking about the awesome time we had that day. I was a bit nervous how the day would work out since Michael was only 2 1/2 years old. However, you were able to figure out when he should nap, and when he should take a hike on trail. Thank you again. Best Wishes, – Mike Fleming

We are home now, but I just had to email you and thank you for a fantastic day out. Our driver (Gerry I think) was superb – very informative and entertaining – even my teenagers were captivated by his stories and the park history. He really made it a good day. I will recommend you to all of my friends who visit the area. Thank you again. – The Knights Family

I just had to write and tell you how thrilled I was with the map. The highlighted areas made it very easy for me to make notes about each picture that was taken. Jim and I have visited every state and have been on eleven cruises. Through all of our travels, we have taken many tours. However, I have to honestly say that our tour of Yosemite was by far the best. I think it was because of Jerry’s personal touch. He noticed right away that I had a hard time walking due to my rheumatoid arthritis in my spine and both hips. He was always checking on me and tried very hard to find easier paths for me to follow so that I didn’t have to miss a single view. He also had a gentleman who was terminally ill. He was very alert to him and his needs and seemed to be there when either one of us needed an extra hand. You could tell that Jerry loved his job and he wanted us to love Yosemite as much as he did. Because of his love for this park, he was able to five us a grand feeling of having seen something to remember for the rest of our lives. I will always remember the extra mile that Jerry went for me and will recommend your company to anyone who wants to see Yosemite up close and personal. Thanks again for the map. We pray that you have a very long happy life. – Jim and Norma Rice

We had a wonderful day out with your diver Gerry a couple of weeks ago. We were staying at Days Inn for 3 days before going back to Mountain View CA. We have now returned home to England with many happy memories, snow in Mariposa Grove!! Thank you for a wonderful experience, Gerry. – Geoff, Penny & Laurence

It was so nice meeting you around the first of the month—even though you had to be up half the night to get me to Tenaya for the women’s retreat. Also, that midnight stop at the all-night drugstore turned out to be a lifesaver as my luggage didn’t arrive for almost another 24 hours.
I’m enclosing one of my books (my husband says it’s my best since he’s in it so much ) as well as a little token of our appreciation via an enclosed check. Thank you again for your help—and for being the person that you are. May God abundantly bless you and yours.
Warm regards, – Carolyn Sutton

We had the most pleasant conversation with Jerry on 6/1/06 when we were referred to him to meet our tour needs for Yosemite Park. After obtaining information from him we were able to come to this website and read his bio. We are very confident we have made the best choice of tour options after speaking to him and seeing this site. He was most kind patient, answered all of our questions and did not rush us in any way. We are very much looking forward to meeting with him in person and can hardly wait for Sept. to come so we can see Yosemite.
After all the questions we asked Jerry we are still confused about one thing. We made reservations in Oakhurst. Would it be better to stay in Oakhurst, Mariposa, or Flat Oak? We are very confused and are trying to be in close proximity of where our tour will depart from and we are also planning to go on the Sugar Pine Railway. Our last question would be will the Tioga Pass Road be open to take the drive to Lee Vinning and Mono Lake? I am reading conflicting information and am not sure if I should pursue this drive or not. Your advice and help are very much appreciated and a big Thank you to Jerry. He seems like he is a very special person and we are glad we found him to take us on our very first visit to Yosemite. By the way, we are coming all the way from New Jersey. Thank you. – April and Bruce Kaenzig

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