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Touring the area would not be complete without viewing the works of the many local artists who have managed to build a thriving community of unique talents. Many were born here; more came from other areas of the state, country and world. The central valley boasts a diverse population of many ethnic and cultural backgrounds, all of which is blended and illustrated into an art that is unique to the area: old western style art, local Native American art, and agricultural art, abstract and anywhere in between. Come and be delighted by the rich cultural heritage in the making.


Microbreweries / Art Hop / Shopping

Art Hop provides local artists an opportunity to showcase their work in locations throughout Fresno. Twenty-nine art studios, galleries, and museums across Fresno open their doors to the public for FREE. Art Hop is organized by the Fresno Arts Council, whose mission is to foster the Valley's art community.

The first Thursday of every month, galleries, studios and museums across Downtown Fresno and the Tower District are packed with thousands of Valley art lovers for a monthly event known as Arthop. It's organized by the Fresno Arts Council, and is a monthly opportunity to see new work, talk with local artists, meet new friends, and generally socialize with other who love the arts. Arthop is a free event, and many locations offer complimentary refreshments. Art Hop starts at 5:00 PM and runs through 8:00 PM, and many locations stay open even later. The following is a list of downtown Art Hop locations. For the most up to date info, visit

Call for prices 559-658-8687